How to care for your brushes:
Keep your brushes fresh by deep cleaning them at least once a fortnight and even once a week if you get a new breakout. Remember fresh brushes means flawless makeup and getting rid of any nasties (oils, bacteria) that like to sit in your brushes! Nasties can cause breakouts, so keep your Brush Candy's super clean with our Sweetheart brush cleaners! Cleaning makeup brushes has never been so quick... and easy!
How to clean your brushes:
Using our Sweetheart brush cleaner... apply a small amount of baby shampoo or a soft anti bacterial formula. Swirl the brushes gently onto the heart cleaner then under a warm running tap to rinse any product from the brushes, until the water runs clear.
Avoid getting the handle or metal ferrule wet. Only wash the brush hair with water, clean the rest of the brush with anti bac wipes.  
Do not let your brushes soak in water, this can cause the wooden handle to soak excess water, resulting to your brushes getting ruined and paint potentially cracking due to the wood swelling. 
How to dry your brushes:
Gently squeeze out any excess water, buff brush head onto a towel and leave your brushes upside down or laying flat at a slight downwards pointing angle on a dry towel. This will encourage any excess water to drain out onto the towel and not into your brush handle! Avoid any direct heat onto your Brush Candy's! Hair dryers, radiators and extreme heat can damage your brushes, effecting the glue inside the ferrule and the brush handle paint, so avoid these heat sources at all costs! Don't put your brushes up right back into your brush holders/brush belts directly after being washed! We don't want any water absorbing down into the ferrule and wooden handle!
How to care for your makeup blenders:
We recommend giving your makeup blender a gentle wash before every use. This avoids product absorption/build up, bacteria build up and also means the blender is expanded, damp and ready to use to create that flawless base. Try to always be gentle when using/cleaning your Bon Bon blender to avoid any tears or rips. We recommend replacing your makeup blenders every 3 months. For best results, use our Bon Bon blenders wet! 
How to clean your makeup blenders:
Hold blender under warm running tap. Squeeze some baby shampoo or gentle anti bac formula onto your blender. Massage the product in to the blender, creating a lather and breaking up any makeup product on the sponge. Make sure to rinse under running tap and gently squeeze out any excess soap/product/water. Repeat this until blender is clean and water is running clear. 
How to dry your blenders:
After squeezing out any excess water, leave your blenders on a dry towel over night (they will shrink back to normal size). 
Hope this helps sweeties! Head over to our Instagram page for brush and blender and blender cleaning videos: @brush_candy     xo